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nanowrimo: november inks

thirty days of non-stop scribbling.

a most humourful rendition of novel-writing arts.
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November's just once a year
the nanowrimo journal of two of the most awesome women you will ever meet.

layout by irinafan.
actor's masks, angsty gay boys, autumn, biopunk, britglish, drawing, earl grey black tea, fabulous queens, fantasy, ghost limbs, gods, green tea, het, hot chocolate, hot hot coffee, humour, indie mp3s, internet procrastination, literature, lost sleep, multiple universes, nanowrimo, nanowrimo survival kits, national novel writing month, norse mythology, old books, original fiction, overdosing on candy, photography, rainy nights, reincarnation, rom-antic-al, romanticized poetry, satire, sci-fi, slash, sleeplessness, spring, steampunk, summer, the arts, urban fantasy, winter, wordsmiths